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Aquionics UVLux Lamps

Aquionics is unique amongst UV water treatment system manufacturers in that we manufacture our own UV lamps. Our Arc Tube Manufacturing Unit develops and manufactures medium pressure UV lamps specifically matched to Aquionics systems.

Matching the lamp to the power supply, the chamber, and the application is vital to achieve the high levels of performance expected from Aquionics UV systems. Please note that use of a non-standard lamp in a UV system is extremely dangerous because although the lamp may appear to be working, if its characteristics where not designed for the system the UV out may be significantly less than required, and your system may not be providing the germicidal effect that you expect.

Aquionics produces lamps in a variety of materials: pure quartz, doped quartz, high-purity synthetic quartz, “SuperTOC” lamps with enhanced low UV output for TOC reduction applications, and with a variety of filling gases and mercury doses. We produce lamps from a few hundred Watts to over 10kW.