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Drinking Water Overview

UV disinfection technology is one of the fastest growing water treatment technologies that exist today. UV is a proven and safe alternative to chemical disinfection for water purification and combined with the technological advances in component design, manufacturing and process control UV has proven to be a cost effective disinfection solution.  Aquionics has been supplying reliable UV systems for potable water since 1987.

With a mandate to ensure public water systems provide safe drinking water to their users, many governmental regulatory bodies around the world have adopted UV disinfection standards. The two most widely used for drinking water standards are the German UV Devices for the Disinfection for Drinking Water Supply standard, commonly known as DVGW and the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) UV Disinfection Guidance Manual for the Final Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule [2006], known as the UVDGM.  Due to these current regulations water plants across North America are expanding to include UV equipment to;

  • treat chlorine resistant pathogens like Cryptosporidium and Guardia
  • reduce safety concerns related to the transport and storage of chemicals
  • reduce the generation of disinfection by-products (DBP’s)
  • achieve capital and operating cost savings

all resulting in finished water that is free from pathogens and chemicals.

Having completed the rigorous validation testing, Aquionics is compliant with both the German DVGW and USEPA UVDGM standards. With one of the largest validation envelopes available on the market, Aquionics can offer low pressure ProLine+D or medium pressure offerings InLine+D and InLine+G.

UV Drinking Water Application

Type: PAP 503L8
Number units: 4 – 10″ flange
Flow: 15 MGD
Dose: 40 mJ/cm2
T10: 88%