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Ultrapure water (UPW) is a vital product and resource to the microelectronics industry, whether for wafers, semiconductors, flat panels or mass storage devices. Aquionics UV systems provide an important component in the make up of UPW process systems for disinfection, organic reduction, ozone destruction , and dechlorination applications. Additionally, advanced oxidation processes are becoming more valuable for both incoming water and reclaim water as water quality requirements increase and water availability presents ever increasing challenges.

UV disinfection equipment  provides microbial control to the UPW system by utilizing our 254 nm lamp technology.  Typical areas that contribute to microbial contamination include post activated carbon beds, RO systems,  DI resins and storage tanks.  More facilities can take advantage of UV technology by installing a UV disinfection unit prior to their RO system to reduce the biofouling of their RO membranes.

The reduction of Total Oxidizable Carbon (TOC) is a primary objective of the microelectronics industry.  TOC reduction is achieved by using a special 185 nm synthetic UV lamp and quartz sleeve to break down low molecular weight organics by dissociation of molecular bonds and the generation of aggressive hydroxyl radicals from water molecules that break-down organic compounds. Aquionics SuperTOC medium pressure UV systems reduce the number of conventional lamps by up to 95% while reducing operating and maintenance costs by 50% or more in high volume water treatment processes.

Ozone is often used for TOC reduction in combination with UV to enhance the advanced oxidation process.  Ozone has also been used in UPW loops to protect storage tanks from microbial contamination.  In either application, ozone must be removed from the UPW stream or it will cause equipment degradation and cannot come in contact with the wafers. Aquioncis medium pressure UV systems ensure that the ozone is destroyed after discharge from the tanks without the use of chemicals or heat.

Advanced oxidation processes for reclaim and special incoming water contaminants can be a valuable tool for fabs worldwide. Special considerations are needed as each process is normally site specific.

TOC Reduction

Model: PMT320K6
Number of units: 2
Flow: 1760 GPM
Influent TOC: 183 ppb
Effluent TOC: 58 ppb

TOC Reduction

The benefits of Aquionics UV systems
  • Hanovia SuperTOC TOC reduction lamps are designed specifically for the semiconductor industry to reduce  TOC in UPW loops to less than 1 ppb.
  • Aquionics’ PMT Series TOC Reduction units are installed in the majority of the worlds most recognizable semiconductor plants, offering the peace of mind of a proven solution.
  • Highest level of monitoring available on the market.
    With over 500 systems installed worldwide, Hanovia is a leader in the semiconductor market for all UV requirements.