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February 17th, 2014

Aquionics PureLine PQ Supplies Low Cost Alternative to Dairy Pasteurization

The Aquionics PureLine PQ range of UV disinfection systems is designed specifically to provide validated and chemical-free treatment of process water used in the food and beverage industry. PureLine PQ provides a more time and cost effective alternative to standard pasteurization, which also meets Food and Drug Administration’s 2011 Pasteurized Milk Ordinance guidelines.

The Aquionics PureLine PQ provides a cost-effective alternative to pasteurization.

PureLine PQ uses either low pressure high output or medium pressure lamps to safely disinfect. Water passing through the system is exposed to UV light, deactivating any microorganisms present. All systems feature an automatic wiper to automate optical path maintenance, further reducing operating expenses.

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