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Lamp Manufacture

Hanovia, Aquionics sister company, has been manufacturing UV lamps since 1924 and today is widely recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of UV lamps for germicidal and photolysis applications. Together Aquionics and Hanovia  offer a depth of knowledge in lamp manufacture thanks to our history and the continual search for improvements in lamp technology and manufacturing processes.

Our policy is one of continuous improvement, with an ongoing capital investment program ensuring we continue to employ best practices in the manufacture of UV sources.

Our ATMU (Arc Tube Manufacturing Unit) facilities include specialized rare gas supply and sophisticated analysis systems, reinforcing our ability to maintain the high levels of purity for our lamp filling gas. Our skilled lamp manufacturing staff ensure the highest quality of production, and our flexible production system ensure that we are always able to offer a very short lead time for spare lamp delivery.

Our lamp development is assisted by our dedicated laboratory with a spectroradiometer measurement facility fully traceable to international UV measurement standards. Continuous lamp testing programs ensure further improvements to lamp performance and life on specific application.