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About Aquionics

Aquionics has been successfully selling and servicing ultraviolet disinfection equipment within North America in both the municipal and industrial water and wastewater markets for 30 years. Aquionics boasts over 60 years of combined UV experience in their sales department and has hundreds of municipal installations within North America including several that continue to operate after two decades of service.

HALMA, the parent company of Aquionics originated in 1894 as The Nahalma Tea Estate Company Limited.  In 1984 HALMA registered as a public limited company and thus became HALMA p.l.c.

HALMA has grown to be an established FTSE 250 business and currently comprises just over 40 subsidiary companies operating worldwide.  Today, HALMA technology centers on sensors, its markets are primarily the protection of human and capital assets.

Aquionics, part of the HALMA Fluid Technology Group is a key marketing, engineering and manufacturing company providing access to the North American market.  Aquionics is part of a three company group that focuses on ultraviolet disinfection in the Halma stable-

  • Hanovia – Europe & Asia supplier of industrial UV disinfection equipment.
  • Berson – Europe & Asia supplier of municipal UV equipment.
  • Aquionics – North American supplier of municipal
    and industrial UV disinfection equipment.

The three organizations have over 20,000 UV installations worldwide and have been in the UV business for over eighty years making the organization one of the premier UV equipment suppliers in the world.