Quartz Sleeve Output Verification Device

The new Jaz clamp spectrometer from Aquionics enables customers to conduct on-location testing of their UV disinfection systems quartz sleeves. The Jaz accurately validates the type of quartz sleeve along with the life of quartz sleeves; potentially extending their usable life and ensuring UV disinfection systems are operating effectively.

Jaz’s Ethernet connectively and battery operation make this spectrometer a brilliant lab companion, perfect for remote sensing and sharing data across your network when away from a laptop. Mix and match Jaz modules to optimize setups for absorbance, reflectance and emission applications.

With Jaz’s onboard display and microprocessor, you’re free to roam! Ideal for field analysis, Jaz does its processing in a convenient, handheld modular stack, storing data to an SD card and processing spectra through its powerful onboard DPU.

Designed by Ocean Optics, a leader in innovative products for optical sensing since 1992; the Jaz creates the ultimate, unique experience in sensing for your lab, field and anywhere your work takes you.


Overall Module
Model: Jaz
JazMaterial: Aluminum casing, metallic pins on bottom
Dimensions: 11.184 in x 4.296 in (length x width)
Power Consumption (max.): 500 mA @ 5 VDC for JAZ-COMBO
Computer Interface: USB
Computer Requirements: PC with Pentium > 512 MB RAM Windows XP, Mac OS X & Linux using USB on desktop
Features included:

  • Responsive from 200 to 1100 nm
  • 4 triggering modes
  • Embedded microcontroller
  • EEPROM storage
Power / Control Module
Model: JAZ-B
Type: Rechargeable lithium-ion
Life: 8 hours
Spectrometer Module
Model: JAZ-S
Wavelength Range: 200-1100 nm; maximum 650 nm
AgPlus Mirrors: Provide reflectivity >95% over the visible and
Data Transfer Rate: ~100 scans per second
UV-VIS Light Source Module
Type: Deuterium-tungsten-halogen
Bulb Life: ~1500 hours
Wavelength Range: Deuterium: 200 – 400 nm; Tungsten: 400 – 1100 nm